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Are you looking for a plan with the best access to different doctors and hospitals coupled with very comprehensive coverage?  Then a Medicare Supplement is the answer.  Nothing rivals the access to care (any doctor or hospital in the U.S. who accepts medicare, over 95%), or the comprehensive benefit plans (Plan F provides 100% coverage for your hospital, doctor and lab/X-ray needs).

New to Medicare and looking for a Medicare Plan, or are you a current Medicare Member, shopping for a different company.  Medicare Supplement plans can be changed anytime of the year, because they do NOT have “annual open-enrollment periods.”  Simply compare plans benefits and premiums and complete the enrollment forms and apply.  You also have the “Birthday Rule” (California and Oregon) which allows you to switch companies on the month of your birthday without answering health related questions.  The transfer is guaranteed regardless of health status.
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2017 Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Rx plans have an “annual open enrollment period” which is every October 15 through December 7 allowing you to change plans or companies for a January 1 effective date.  If you are new to Medicare you have 3 months to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan which is called the “Initial Enrollment Period.”  Anthem  –  Blue Shield  –  Aetna




Individual and Group Health options …  I offer a full range of Individual and Group Health insurance options that provide affordable and flexible benefit options.  Call today to hear more about your benefit and rate options.  Click here for info

Group Health:

Group Health Insurance and Employee benefits for the employer with 1 to 100 employees.  Flexible benefits and payment options for the employer who provides medical coverage for their employees.

  • Access to larger doctor and hospital networks.
  • Full “formulary” prescription service.
  • Retain and recruit better employees.
  • Tax benefits of having a Group Health insurance plan.
  • Anthem  –  Aetna  –  Blue Shield  –  Health Net  –  Kaiser

Change Plans … receive new quotes … change your broker and enroll in a new group plan .. all right here.  Call for a group quote today .. 916-682-1117.




Medicare provides NO coverage outside the U.S. and Domestic health insurance covers very little and often NO coverage while abroad.   More and more U.S. citizens are becoming aware of the many limitations and are not leaving their health to chance.  Go with a Global U.S. leader and a name you can trust.  Global medical insurance protection for; Expatriates .. Employees .. Third Country Nationals .. Family Vacations and International Students.  Go with a global leader; GeoBlue who is affiliated with the Blue Cross companies.  Click here for Info.

Travel Insurance coverage ranges from a couple days to permanent plans.  Short-Term plans are typically considered less than 6 months and Long-Term or Expat plans are 6 months and longer.  Both offer very comprehensive benefit options and allow you to see global contracted doctors along with non-contracted doctors.  24 hour customer service, emergency evacuation, hospital and outpatient services, prescription, office visits, physical therapy, maternity and many other services and coverage’s you enjoy while working, living, studying or traveling abroad.

Both include 24/7/365 “concierge” services for any issues or emergencies.  Translators are also available to discuss your situation in the local language of the medical doctors, staff and hospitals to expedite care and treatment.

It’s a worldwide, all-access pass to an exclusive level of care. Use your mobile device to quickly and conveniently connect to quality care across the globe for anything from emergency and hospital care, to outpatient doctor visits, lab and X-Ray to filling a prescription, translating your symptoms, showing proof of insurance and finding the right doctor wherever you may be worldwide.  Call me today and I’ll help with your situation right over the phone.

GeoBlue is the trade name for the international health insurance programs of Worldwide Insurance Services, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.  GeoBlue International health plans have a Global network of certified and approved physicians in over 180 countries, along with a domestic network that includes more than 90 percent of physicians and 80 percent of hospitals across the U.S.  Short and long-term Global travelers can leave home feeling confident that a trusted source of care is available at a moment’s notice—no matter what country, town or time zone.  GeoBlue’s highly qualified doctors speak your language, treat you like a friend, and bill GeoBlue directly for their services.  Click Here.


No Broker Fees … My advice and services are free of charge, and the premium you pay should you buy a policy through us will never be higher than going direct to the insurer.


John Conner

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