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2018 Covered California Health Plans

2018 Covered California health insurance plans for individuals, families and children.  Covered California Exchange plans which are enrolled within Covered California and outside exchange plan.

The upcoming open-enrollment period starts November 1 and ends January 31.  If you change companies or plans before December 15th, the new enrollment takes effect January 1, 2018.

Enroll “On or Off” of the Covered California Exchange … Enrolling Inside the Covered California Exchange is typically for the person or family who qualifies for a subsidy (premium discount) due to their household income.  Individuals and families who do not qualify for a state subsidy, will usually enroll outside of Covered California (the plans are the same) although the application process is much quicker because you don’t have to state your income totals.

If you household income is between 138% up to 400%, you and your family may qualify for a lower premium (subsidy).

Please call anytime, I can help determine if you qualify for a premium discount and can help you enroll right over the phone.  Or we can discuss your options.

Medicare Supplement Plans & Rates

Review, compare and enroll in the plan and company you are looking for.

Medicare Supplement – Free to choose your doctor, specialist and hospital without the hassle of first checking a network.  No need to have a primary care physician who organizes your health care.  You are the one in charge with a Medicare Supplement, not a network administrator.

Are you looking for a plan with the best access to different doctors and hospitals coupled with very comprehensive coverage?  Then a Medicare Supplement is the answer.  Nothing rivals the access to care (any doctor or hospital in the U.S. who accepts medicare, over 95%), or the comprehensive benefit plans (Plan F provides 100% coverage for your hospital, doctor and lab/X-ray needs).

New to Medicare and looking for a Medicare Plan, or are you a current Medicare Member, shopping for a different company.  Medicare Supplement plans can be changed anytime of the year, because they do NOT have “annual open-enrollment periods.”  Simply compare plans benefits and premiums and complete the enrollment forms and apply.  You also have the “Birthday Rule” (California and Oregon) which allows you to switch companies on the month of your birthday without answering health related questions.  The transfer is guaranteed regardless of health status.

2018 Medicare Advantage Plans (California)

2018 Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Rx plans have an “annual open enrollment period” which is every October 15 through December 7 allowing you to change plans or companies for a January 1 effective date.  If you are new to Medicare you have 3 months to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan which is called the “Initial Enrollment Period.”  Anthem  –  Blue Shield  –  Aetna  –  AARP  –  Health Net.

Please contact me anytime for a free comparison.

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